Facebook monitors your chat because you might be a criminal

Facebook monitors your chat because you might be a criminal.

Police plans to raid The Pirate Bay

Is this the final call? Is this the end of another major Torrent site? Is The Pirate Bay going to be the next Mininova? Maybe it is. The Pirate Bay has been raided before, in 2006 the 65 member police raid convicted 4 from the office and now the team running the TPB believes that … Continue reading

Facebook is reading your text messages, other apps are intercepting your calls & accessing your camera

Shocked? Facebook is reading your Text Messages according to The London Sunday Times and Fox News. Facebook has admitted to reading text messages belonging to smartphone users who download the social networking app. The company agreed to this and added that it wants to launch its own messaging service which is why they did it. … Continue reading

Facebook Photos remain online after deletion

Did you delete some of your photos from Facebook like 2 years ago? Well, you did but they are still online and are available. Facebook has said that they are working to fix the problem and will be resolved soon. Once a photo is deleted from an album your friends won’t be able to see … Continue reading