Facebook monitors your chat because you might be a criminal

Facebook monitors your chat because you might be a criminal.

Facebook buys Instagram for $1 billion

Woah! Out of nowhere, Facebook has acquired Instagram for $1 billion. The compensation is in cash and stocks. Instagram will however remain a standalone app from Facebook but they will be integrated sometime in the future. The transaction should go through this quarter pending some standard closing procedures. Instagram has 27 million registered users on iOS devices … Continue reading

Facebook introduces Interest Lists

As Facebook is growing day by day it is taking the next step into everything. Once thought to be a Social Network where people connect with each other, Facebook is no longer about friends and family. Its more about News, Links and Brands. Yesterday, Facebook introduced a new tool to organize your news feed into … Continue reading

Twitter is going to Sell your tweets to Marketers

Reblogged from CNN, originally written by Dan Simon (CNN) — For years now, companies have been combing through Twitter postings, trying to glean any information that may help them improve their products and services. But with more than 250 million tweets sent every day, it would take an enormous staff to analyze the data. That task … Continue reading

New Twitter for Everyone, all you need to know

I have multiple accounts on twitter and from a long time Twitter has a new design that it rolled out for some users but today when i logged in from another account i saw the new design that wasn’t there yesterday and there was a tweet from Twitter @Support and hence its public now. Below … Continue reading

Study shows that Facebook makes people happy

From WebProNews Apparently, Facebook makes people happy. Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking reported this study.  a peer-reviewed journal, actually dug into the physiological responses to people who visit social networking sites. Measurements of physical and psychological responses such as breathing rate, brain activation, and pupil dilation, designed to assess a person’s psychophysiological state, were collected in a … Continue reading