Mercedes has an invisible car [Video]

  Now this is what you call ‘Clever/Smart and Green Technology’, Drive Technology. The future cars will be better thanthis but for now this is superb. I loved it. I tweeted about this a while ago but thought that i must share it with all of you.     Here’s the Tweet!/karankashyap/status/175990043444387840 Unfortunately i … Continue reading

2 Hours, 14 Bombs, 50 killed, 30 wounded, in Iraq

A series of 14 bombs went off and bullets have been fired in Iraq, killing atleast 50 people. The motive of the attack was more and more damage to the police. A car bomb went off near a security checkpoint in Baghdad, district of Karradah, killing 9. Almost 30 people were wounded including 4 policemen. … Continue reading