We’ve launched and are now at iDigiD.com

Visit us at iDigiD.com We’re proud today to announce that we have launched iDigiD.com and will be sharing news, updates and much more from the site. We will no longer be updating iDigiD.Wordpress.com as we are moving all our operations, focus and dedication to iDigiD.com Features of iDigiD.com News: We keep sharing Tech and gadget … Continue reading

Why did Apple’s co-founder left the company within 2 weeks of signing partnership?

Not so famous person of the most famous company in the world, is Ronald Wayne. No, he did not give up his career in Apple to purse as a Batman but there were some other reasons. Ronald Wayne worked with Steve Jobs at Atari before he, Jobs, and Wozniak founded Apple Computers on April1, 1976. Wayne drew the … Continue reading