Justin Bieber’s Twitter account Hacked

  Canadian Pop star Justin Bieber’s Twitter account was hacked yesterday. The hacker unfollowed people and blocked some of Bieber’s followers. He also posted “19 million my a** #biebermyba**s” for Justin’s 19 million followers. Bieber had reached 19 million followers yesterday and got hacked the same day. The hacker unfollowed over 100,000 people. “#biebermyballs” may sound … Continue reading

Justin Bieber was suing Games Developer RC3 but instead they sued him first

Reblogged from IGN, originally posted by Justin Davis RC3, developer of a Justin Bieber parody Android app Joustin’ Beaver, has filed a lawsuit against the young pop star. The move comes in response to a cease-and-desist letter RC3 received from Bieber’s attorneys. In its lawsuit, RC3 full admits that Joustin’ Beaver is inspired by Bieber, but … Continue reading