We’ve launched and are now at iDigiD.com

Visit us at iDigiD.com We’re proud today to announce that we have launched iDigiD.com and will be sharing news, updates and much more from the site. We will no longer be updating iDigiD.Wordpress.com as we are moving all our operations, focus and dedication to iDigiD.com Features of iDigiD.com News: We keep sharing Tech and gadget … Continue reading

Indian man reunites with long-lost mother via Google Earth

Saroo Brierle, who was separated from his family at the age of 5, tracked down the name of his village and found it on Google Earth to reunite with his mother. Google Earth has proven to be a very helpful software for many, as it is used by Governments, Rescue teams in different countries and … Continue reading

The future of Facebook + Instagram: 10 Predictions

Last night, the web was filled with the news of Facebook buying Instagram for $1 billion. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announced the news on his timeline and then Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom did it on the company blog. Twitter was trending with Instagram and Mark Zuckerberg and some people were happy with the news but … Continue reading

Chinese teen sells kidney for $3500 to buy iPhone, iPad

Some people buy an iPhone or an iPad by standing in the line. They just have to shell out a few bucks and get the device they were waiting for. Its a joy to them. A Chinese teen had to sell his kidney to buy an iPhone and an iPad. The kid is just 17 … Continue reading

Aamir Khan’s new show is called “Satyamev Jayate”

Aamir Khan has finally come up with a new announcement of his latest upcoming show which was untitled until half an hour ago. The show is called Satyamev Jayate. The show is produced by Aamir Khan Productions, presented by Airtel, powered by Aquaguard and will be aired soon on Star Plus. There is no official … Continue reading

Facebook might be adding a hate button

Facebook introduced a Like button in 2010 and it was a hit. In a few days millions and millions of users started liking stuff and every major website added the Like button, IMDB being one of the very firsts. TechCrunch reports that according to Facebook’s S-1 filing, users generate 2.7 billion likes and comments each … Continue reading

Justin Bieber’s Twitter account Hacked

  Canadian Pop star Justin Bieber’s Twitter account was hacked yesterday. The hacker unfollowed people and blocked some of Bieber’s followers. He also posted “19 million my a** #biebermyba**s” for Justin’s 19 million followers. Bieber had reached 19 million followers yesterday and got hacked the same day. The hacker unfollowed over 100,000 people. “#biebermyballs” may sound … Continue reading

‘To get a copy of the newspaper’ man climbs New York Times building

And you thought that standing in line for an iPad or iPhone is the hardest thing you ever did. Well I have never been to New York but I happen to know a lot about it via Movies, TV and News and I have seen in many films that people grab a copy of the … Continue reading

Sachin Tendulkar scores his 100th Century

  Sachin Tendulkar has scored his 100th Century just now against Bangladesh in 138 balls. This is a Glorious Occasion, a historical moment as no other batsman has scored 100 International Centuries. Its a moment to celebrate!

Bollywood Actor John Abraham could be jailed for 15 days

Bollywood Model turned Actor John Abraham could be jailed for 15 days after being taken into custody by the police this afternoon. The reason is rash and negligent driving that he did in 2006 (a motorcycle), he was convicted in 2010. The actor who has a few films lined up to release in the coming … Continue reading

Apple’s share is at $535, company valued at $500 billion because of iPad 3

Apple’s share has surged to a new high of $535.41 after the company sent out an invitation for an event to be held on 7th March. The hopes are up and everybody is saying that its the iPad 3 and well everybody else who is not saying that are atleast believing the same. This gives … Continue reading

Justin Bieber was suing Games Developer RC3 but instead they sued him first

Reblogged from IGN, originally posted by Justin Davis RC3, developer of a Justin Bieber parody Android app Joustin’ Beaver, has filed a lawsuit against the young pop star. The move comes in response to a cease-and-desist letter RC3 received from Bieber’s attorneys. In its lawsuit, RC3 full admits that Joustin’ Beaver is inspired by Bieber, but … Continue reading

Megaupload’s Kim Dotcom may get relief or more trouble

Kim Dotcom, the founder of MegaUpload who was arrested and his site was shut down by the authorities will learn on Wednesday whether he will remain free on bail in New Zealand or will the US authorities be successful in his extradition to ofcourse US. The US Justice Department and FBI allege Megaupload and related … Continue reading

Why did Apple’s co-founder left the company within 2 weeks of signing partnership?

Not so famous person of the most famous company in the world, is Ronald Wayne. No, he did not give up his career in Apple to purse as a Batman but there were some other reasons. Ronald Wayne worked with Steve Jobs at Atari before he, Jobs, and Wozniak founded Apple Computers on April1, 1976. Wayne drew the … Continue reading

Pinball Designer, Pioneer Steve Kordek dies at 100

We all have played Pinball games in our lives but we don’t really know who is Steve Kordek. He designed the two-flipper Pinball machines. Steve Kordek retired from William’s in 2000 after serving the industry for 63 years. Pinball machines have existed since 1930s. Steve Kordek revealed a Pinball game named ‘Triple Action‘ at a … Continue reading

Saif Ali Khan arrested

Bollywood star and the upcoming Agent Vinod has been arrested for allegedly beating up an NRI Iqbal M Sharma (Trader in South Africa) and his father-in-law. Saif Ali Khan was having dinner with Kareena Kapoor, Amrita Arora and other friends when an NRI told him to ‘keep it down’ and Saif replied ‘If you want … Continue reading

Mark Zuckerberg Spotted at The Knicks Game

The Social Network guy who connected us to our friends was spotted at a Knicks game enjoying Linsanity. Here is the picture that we have from Business Insider.   Source: Business Insider

MTV India VJ Jose Covaco’s kidnappers sent in another video

Its been more than a week now that MTV India VJ Jose Covaco has been kidnapped and the kidnappers sent a video of grabbing him and dragging him in the car. A new video was sent to MTV and the officials claim that they were contacted by the kidnappers. At first when i read about … Continue reading

Tablets to outsell PC for the first time ever [Guardian]

Tablets such as the iPad will outsell desktop and laptop PCs within a few years, says Apple CEO Tim Cook. Tablets such as the iPad will outsell desktop and laptop PCs within a few years and eat into their sales, says Apple chief executive Tim Cook. He also hinted that the company could be preparing to launch into the smart TV market … Continue reading

Get ready for Transformers 4 on June 29, 2014

Original and Full Article at Deadline.com Nikki Finke: I can confirm that Paramount and Michael Bay are only going to make one movie at a time: Transformers 4. And not the back-to-back Transformers 4 and 5 which Hasbro top executive Brian Goldner said was a real possibility in a Wall Street earnings call last financial quarter. Bay is starting production on Pain And Gain in April … Continue reading