We’ve launched and are now at iDigiD.com

Visit us at iDigiD.com We’re proud today to announce that we have launched iDigiD.com and will be sharing news, updates and much more from the site. We will no longer be updating iDigiD.Wordpress.com as we are moving all our operations, focus and dedication to iDigiD.com Features of iDigiD.com News: We keep sharing Tech and gadget … Continue reading

Everything you should know about New Delhi Mega Mock Drill

New Delhi is having a Mega Mock Drill today between 11:30 am to 12:00, it’s for half an hour only and Metro services will be affected during this drill. I had a lot of questions going on in my mind and so, i started looking for answers. Here they are, all my questions answered. Let … Continue reading

Bomb Blast in New Delhi

An Israeli official said on Monday that an ‘explosion’ has hit an Israeli diplomat’s car in the city, AP reported. Four persons were hurt in the incident, TV channels reported. Israeli embassy spokesman David Goldfarb said the car was near the embassy when the blast went off on Monday. The incident took place at about 500 meters away from … Continue reading