Samsung sold 92 million phones, overtakes Nokia in phone sales

Samsung, the Korean electronic giant has dethroned Nokia from the top phone seller. Yes, Nokia who was the previous top phone seller is now at the second spot because Samsung sold 92 million handsets (shipped) in Q1 for 2012 whereas Nokia was left behind at 83 million of which 71 million are low-end devices and not smartphones. However i loved the Nokia Lumia 800 and 900 and people are too. Samsung is Asia’s largest smartphone maker and the Galaxy Smartphone series has helped the company to reach this milestone.

Did you know? 

Nokia was the top phone seller in the world for 14 years.

Samsung overtakes Nokia in phone sales for Q1

Samsung is set to grow more in the 2nd Quarter because the company might be unveiling the long-waited Galaxy S3. An analyst at NH Investment said that “Nokia’s lack of competitiveness in Smartphones would cause the company to keep losing ground”. According to me if Nokia keeps on building smartphones on Symbian and MeeGo they’re going to lose more but if they switch all operations in collaboration with Microsoft to build Lumia series or other series of high-end handsets that run Windows Phone, Nokia is going to score. People love Lumia 800 and 900 and they’re doing pretty well but the major reason is the smooth, beautiful Windows Phone OS by Microsoft, now imagine if it had Symbian or MeeGo, who would buy a Lumia then?

Nokia declined as much as 7.8 percent to 3.01 euros in Helsinki, the lowest intraday price since April 1997, and traded down 7.5 percent as of 12:33 p.m. local time. The stock slumped 14 percent yesterday. Samsung fell 2.9 percent to 1,273,000 won at the close of trading in Seoul. The stock has climbed 20 percent this year, outperforming the benchmark Kospi index’s 8.8 percent advance. Nokia has declined 20 percent in the period.

Figures (Q1 2012)

Nokia sold 83 million phones of which 12 million were smartphones and 71 million were low-end models.

Samsung on the other hand sold 44 million smartphones out of a total of 92 million phones sold.

Samsung has a huge announcement to make on May 22 where they might reveal the Galaxy S3 and the phone will probably be released just before the iPhone 5. Apple is the biggest competitor to Samsung and it is the other way around of course. In the coming months we will see 2 of the greatest handsets of all times – The Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5.

Source: CNET / Bloomberg

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