Chinese teen sells kidney for $3500 to buy iPhone, iPad

Kid sells kidney to buy an iPhone and an iPad

Some people buy an iPhone or an iPad by standing in the line. They just have to shell out a few bucks and get the device they were waiting for. Its a joy to them. A Chinese teen had to sell his kidney to buy an iPhone and an iPad. The kid is just 17 years old and wanted to buy these 2 Apple products but he had to pay a bigger price. 5 people have been arrested for intentional injury for organizing the removal and transplant of a kidney from this high school kid. The kid’s first name is unknown or kept secret but his last name is Wang.

The five arrested, including a surgeon, removed the organ in April 2011 from China’s Anhui province. The teenager is now suffering from renal insufficiency. Song Zhongyu, a surgeon from a provincial hospital in Yunnan province, who made this happen, received nearly $35,000 in the deal, while the boy was given about $3,500. The boy’s condition is deteriorating.

Xinhua News Agency reports that the defendants include a surgeon, a local hospital contractor, and brokers who looked for donors online and leased an operating room to conduct the procedure. Xinhua says that about 1.5 million people in China need transplants, but that only around 10,000 transplants are performed each year, fueling the illegal trade of organs.

Source: USAToday | CNN

VIA: Xinhua


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