Its Apple, Intel & Qualcomm vs. Samsung

There is no bad time for Apple. Samsung and Apple have been fighting with each other over patents, just like two kids do over a drawing or a toy. But this is pretty serious. Intel and Qualcomm have provided source code (info) to US lawyers that will help prove Apple’s point that it isn’t infringing patents of Samsung. Attorneys in the US have inspected the code and Intel and Qualcomm have agreed to provide it to lawyers in Australia. “Further non-infringing arguments can be made from that” disclosure of the source code, Fox said.

Apple, Intel & Qualcomm vs. Samsung (Img: iDigiD)

Apple and Samsung are the largest smartphone makers and biggest competitors to each other. Where Apple makes iOS devices of its own, Samsung has a line of Super Smartphones running on Android. Both the companies keep suing each other and they have done it 30 times on four different continents but Apple leads in this too. This is not the only relation between these 2 giants. They are also partners as Samsung is the manufacturer of Apple iPhone’s and iPad’s screen and processor chips.

Last year, just when Samsung released Galaxy Tab 10.1, Apple successfully delayed the Australian release of the tab for 4 long months, claiming that Sammy infringed patents over touchscreen tech and just copied it designs. Australia’s High Court allowed the Samsung tablets to go on sale on Dec. 9.

Samsung claims some of Apple’s iPhones and iPads infringe its patents over wireless transmissions. Apple is Samsung’s single biggest customer, responsible for 7.6 per cent of the company’s revenue, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. The Australian trial is scheduled to begin on July 9 and will continue to run through Oct 12. A spokesperson said that “It’ll make other cases in this court look like babies,”.

The question is why are Intel and Qualcomm helping Apple? I can think of a thousand reasons 😉


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