Facebook might be adding a hate button

Facebook Buttons (Img: JesseKavadlo.wordpress.com)

Facebook introduced a Like button in 2010 and it was a hit. In a few days millions and millions of users started liking stuff and every major website added the Like button, IMDB being one of the very firsts. TechCrunch reports that according to Facebook’s S-1 filing, users generate 2.7 billion likes and comments each day and with the hate button the engagement could easily grow.

When Mark Zuckerberg announced the Like button he said that there would be a billion likes on the web in the first 24 hours and it really happened and now sources say he is estimating 2 billion hates on the first day. There is no confirmation on whether the button will be called Hate or Dislike.

I also think that the hate button is going to be a big hit but it might upset the publisher/user posting stuff. Teens these days are already upset over what their friends are posting on Facebook and how they compare that to their own lives and now a hate button.

This could become one of the major reasons for depression in teen life.

Other buttons under consideration are the “Meh”, “Love”, “Who Cares”, and “+11″ but there is also a fear this could lead to a button explosion. While the product and sales teams favor the idea of a hate button, many inside Facebook oppose it. I think its good for business but not for the people and their sentiments.

Please let us know in the comments below whether you are in favor of the hate button or against it? Remember, when you upload your photo you either get likes or you don’t but what if you get dislikes on your photo? How would you feel? I think its better than not getting likes! Share your views.


Source: TechCrunch

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