Apple Planning ‘Significant Growth’ of Reseller Network in India

Apple Planning 'Significant Growth' of Reseller Network in India

Macrumors reported a new job listing on Apple’s site that indicates that the company is developing a significant growth plan for its network of APRs in India (Apple Premium Resellers). The company is looking for a new National manager to oversee expansion of the program. The Apple Premium Reseller (APR) program was designed by Apple to expand and improve the market coverage and customer experience. Apple Premium Resellers offer the complete range of Macs, iPods and iPhones, along with a full complement of software and accessories. There are currently 49 APRs in India with a significant growth plan for the future. The new position will be based in Bangalore, where Apple has a minor existing presence.

Have a look at the job listing on Apple’s website

Source: Macrumors

via: NDTV

2 Responses to “Apple Planning ‘Significant Growth’ of Reseller Network in India”
  1. Craig Hill says:

    Is it possible that Apple might move it’s operations to India, given the recent legal blackmail it was subjected to in China with the iPad?

    • That is highly unlikely. India and China are emerging markets for all businesses, even for Apple. Apple will operate in India officially now. Google once moved away its services from China and their earnings dropped so they went back 🙂 Apple don’t make such mistakes!

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