Jolicloud Me Beta arrives

Written by iDigiD Contributor: Jeremy A.

Jolicloud Me is a new product of Jolicloud, what it does is actually simple, it takes all your stuff from your social networks in to one page. Also, if you have shared any music, videos, photos shared by you, it will put it in one place. (like a library of your stuff) After your stuff is put there, you could make a collection (like a folder) of your stuff so that it’s divided. Jolicloud Me is a separated from Jolicloud Desktop (the iPad looking dashboard).

After a few months of private beta testing, let’s take a look of what will it do, and s0me other things.

Show links that you’ve shared from your networks.

You could only add Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Picasa, and Instagram. Would be great if there was a Dropbox support.

As said before, they will add prices for your storage and other stuff, old users who join the beta today get a surprise discount.

For it’s beta stage, of course, there are still bugs:

  • clicking on categories will somehow take some time
  • when clicking on many things, the interface would break
  • the arrows aren’t perfectly aligned when clicked

Despite these small bugs, its still worth a try! To get it, you’ll need to get an invite using their Beta page, or for a shorter invite time, tweet them your Jolicloud username.

Our Take:

Jolicloud Me is an impressive cloud-based OS with a beautiful interface and is very well organized. It is helpful, simple and easy yet very very important.

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