Apple earns $70,000 daily just from Newsstand

Apple iPad (Custom Logo: Distimo)

A new study shows that Apple is raking in $70,000 daily from Newsstand. The study, conducted by Distimo says that the top 100 publications brought in this much, and only from the United States. The most money came in from News Corp’s The Daily, followed by the New York Times and The New Yorker Magazine. In October last year, Apple introduced Newsstand as part of iOS5 which enabled users to view Newspapers and Magazines they’ve subscribed to. Apple takes a 30% cut from each sale and gives away 70% to the content creators. Publishers can also let existing subscribers view digital editions of content to which they already subscribe, however they’re not allowed to link to outside Web sites where subscriptions can be struck outside of the App Store.


Other noteworthy metrics from the study:

China has outgrown the United States, when it comes to daily downloads of free applications. The country tallied more than 1.1 million daily downloads from within the top 300 most popular free apps. By comparison, the U.S. tallied “just below” 1 million daily downloads, Distimo said.

The U.S. is still the top-grossing country, when it comes to iPad app spending. It is trailed by Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

The iPad has more apps with in-app purchase than apps built for the iPhone. Ten percent of the iPad applications on the App Store had in-app purchase, versus 6 percent for the iPad.

Apple us making $70,000 daily, thanks to Newsstand (Image:

Source: CNET / Distimo

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