‘To get a copy of the newspaper’ man climbs New York Times building

Man climbs New York Times building to get a copy of the newspaper

And you thought that standing in line for an iPad or iPhone is the hardest thing you ever did. Well I have never been to New York but I happen to know a lot about it via Movies, TV and News and I have seen in many films that people grab a copy of the newspaper from a newsstand every morning after or before they get the coffee. This dude, maybe didn’t try out the ‘newsstand’ option and because he wanted a copy of the New York times, he climbed the office building. Thankfully, someone called 911 during 7 AM and reported that a man is climbing the building on Eighth Avenue at 41st Street and the police had him in custody when he was merely on the 5th floor of that giant 52-story building. He was then taken to Bellevue Hospital for a psychiatric evaluation, authorities said. He was not injured.

Similar, Past Incidents

Three men climbed the building’s ladder-like facade in separate incidents in 2008. Two made it to the roof, and one got to the 11th floor.

Source: NYPost


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