Instagram is finally coming to Android

Instagram on Android (iDigiD)

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People have been using iPhone for many reasons but many of them use it for style, class and an app. Instagram is one app that makes the iPhone special because if someone is using Instagram he/she has an iPhone but not anymore. We all know that Instagram was making an app for Android and now they have made it clear with another official sign up page for updates on the app. Many Android users were teased by their iPhone friends about this app but they can’t do that anymore, but they can until the app is out. Now Android and iPhone users can team up and tease Blackberry and Windows Phone users. Instagram is one of the best apps on iPhone. The signup page on the website could notify users of the beta release of the app or the final stable release. The photo-sharing app has had huge success on the iOS devices, amassing 27 million users. With Android Instagram is entering another huge market with millions of users and the best part is that the app is being built by 2 people, said Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom.

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Source: iDigiD (Blogspot)


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