New iPad is now suffering from poor Wifi reception

Apple's new iPad having heating problems and connectivity issued (Photo: IBTimes)

The new iPad with a resolutionary screen and a faster processor is a great product, an amazing tablet for everyone. Those who don’t have it yet are praising it the most but those who have it are reporting problems. Its been a week since Apple launched its new iPad and  users are reporting overheating problems. Yes the iPad overheats. But not only that, there is another issue with this beautiful looking tablet (see i am praising it which means i DON’T have it), and its the connectivity problem.

Yes, the Wifi connectivity on this thing isn’t working the ‘Apple’ way. Apple’s support forums have numerous posts on this issue, posted by iPad users. This is not the first time that Apple’s products are facing connectivity problems. The company had already sold 3 million units by this Monday, which was 3 days from the launch of the tablet.

Users are reporting that their Laptops, Smartphones are getting good/strong Wifi signal strength whereas iPad reports a Low signal strength. Apple has not made any official statement on this issue.

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