Apple is now selling more Smartphones in Canada, where BlackBerry was born

RIM's Blackberry vs. Apple's iPhone (Photo: The Cell Phone Junkie)

Apple is one company that is beating its rivals everyday and not with words, but with numbers, with sales. Just a few minutes earlier i wrote about the Wifi problem in the new iPad and now a positive news for Apple. Canada, the birthplace of Justin Bieber, and Blackberry is now buying more smartphones from Apple than Blackberry.

Apple dethrones Blackberry

Blackberry maker RIM is losing people’s love and loyalty with shipping 2.08 million smartphones in Canada last year compared to 2.85 million units for Apple. RIM however won in 2010 with more than half a million sales to that of the iPhone. The company is not however losing any hopes as Blackberry 7 phones introduced last year were a great improvement to older models in terms of Web Browsers and Touch-screen Navigation and this year, Blackberry gets another upgrade.

The Details

7% of RIM’s revenue comes from Sales in Canada but it fell 23% in fiscal third quarter from a year earlier as US sales tumbled 45% which dragged the worldwide revenue down 5.9 percent. RIM was once the hotbed of innovations but when it received a competition from Apple, it did not invest enough in promoting its device. “They got so good at innovation they just expected the product to sell itself,” said DuPuy, head of the firm’s Toronto office. “From a brand perspective, they just lost their way.”

RIM made a whole lot of marketing mistakes because of which their stock went down 75% last year. In December, RIM said that their sales would be $4.6 billion to $4.9 billion but it probably dropped 18% to $4.53 billion, analysts predict. On the other hand, Apple’s fourth quarter profit was $13.1 billion which is almost 3x that of RIM’s sales.


Source: Bloomberg (There is much more detailed news and report on Bloomberg)

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