Facebook introduces Interest Lists

As Facebook is growing day by day it is taking the next step into everything. Once thought to be a Social Network where people connect with each other, Facebook is no longer about friends and family. Its more about News, Links and Brands. Yesterday, Facebook introduced a new tool to organize your news feed into a personalized newspaper. On some level i feel that Facebook has challenged its own ‘Subscription’ tool with Interest Lists. If you’re just gonna visit Facebook to look up for Interest Lists, you shouldn’t because this feature is not available to all users but will be, in the coming weeks. It lets you create and subscribe to Lists of your favorite categories and follow them, lists like Sports, Fashion, Entertainment etc. For example you can create a list named tech and put in all Tech news public pages under it like CNET Tech, Engadget, TechCrunch, Mashable and more. Facebook Interest Lists are a combination of Twitter Lists and Google Reader.

An Example of Interest List of Mashable Staff

Source: Mashable (Facebook)


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