What to expect from iPad 3 or iPad HD

We’re updating  you on iPad HD RIGHT NOW with the Live Blog

iPad HD Launch Event (Photo: GDGT)

One of the biggest events in the Tech World is going to happen in an hour. Apple is going to reveal iPad 3 or iPad HD. This time it will be Tim Cook hosting the event as Apple’s co-CEO Steve Jobs passed away last year in October. There have been a lot of rumors surrounding the iPad launch and there always have been rumors with Apple’s products and services. Every Tech Blogger, Gadget lover or freak, every company (Samsung, Microsoft, Sony, Google) will be keeping their eyes on this breathtaking unveiling of the iPad 3 or iPad HD.

  • iPad 3 is actually iPad HD
  • It might go on sale from March 16
  • There might not be a quad core chip in this one
  • 1GB RAM (Finally!)
  • AppleCare+ will be made available for iPad HD for $99
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • One Touch Feedback
  • 4G LTE Support
  • HD Front facing camera for HD FaceTime
  • 2048 x 1536 Screen Resolution
  • Retina Display
  • iOS 5.1
  • Facebook Integration (After blessing Twitter, Apple might finally think of integrating Facebook. Not a good news for Twitter)
  • NFC (Near Field Communication)
  • 8 Megapixel Sensor Camera
  • Even better battery life (iPhone 4S was a disappointment in this case)
  • SD Card Slot
  • Siri

This is all you can expect from iPad HD. Stay on iDigiD for more on iPad HD as we are covering the launch of this amazing tablet. Click home or click here to see new posts.

Thanks to CNN, CNET, Mashable, Gizmodo, iMore, 9 to 5 Mac, Venture Beat, MicGadget, All ThingsD, BGR, Bloomberg & Times of India.

We’re updating  you on iPad HD RIGHT NOW with the Live blog

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