Live Blog: Apple iPad HD Launch Event


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Here is the Live Report.

  1. That’s all! Thank you all for reading.
  2. “Across the year you’re going to see a lot more of this kind of innovation, we are just getting started.”
  3. “2012: There’s a lot to look forward to.”
  4. “Only Apple could deliver this kind of integration in such a beautiful, integrated and easy-to-use way.
  5. Tim Cook is thanking everyone at Apple, calling it the privilege of a lifetime to work with “the most innovative [people] on earth.”
  6. As you can see, there will be a white iPad.
  7. “Everything is more brilliant, because when a screen becomes this good, it’s simply you and the things you care about. The stunning Retina display on the new iPad.”
  8. New iPad commercial.
  9. “We have redefined once again the category that Apple created just two years ago with the original iPad. We are so proud of this product that we’ve prepared an ad, I’d love to play it for you.”
  10. “There really is something for everyone at everyone. I’d like to turn it back to Tim.” Tim’s back, applause.
  11. Price drops by $100, $399 for a 16GB WiFi model.
  12. Confirmed that the iPad 2 will continue.
  13. Phil has returned from the darkness.
  14. Talking about all the bands on the new iPad – WiFi, Bluetooth, 3G, 4G LTE…
  15. So let’s speculate on the name. Are we done with numeric updates to the iPad? Will we just see a “new iPhone” this fall? If so, it’s about time.
  16. Now we’re talking about the quad-core A5X. “It makes everything you do feel real fast and smooth.” But, still 10 hour battery life.
  17. Apple is claiming a major breakthrough in the iPad’s Retina Display, lifted the pixels out of the signal paths so there’s no interference in communication.
  18. True RGB, no surprise, with the circuitry actually dropped below the subpixels to minimize dot pitch.
  19. Okay, we’re looking at the sub-pixels now.
  20. This video is exciting, but we want to get our hands on the thing already.
  21. “3rd-generation iPad.” That was just quoted in an Apple promo video.
  22. No SD Card Slot either. Huge Disappointment
  23. Confirmed: no new Dock Connector. Same port shown just now.
  24. “We believe technology is at its very best when it’s invisible. When you’re conscious only of what you’re doing, not the device you’re doing it with… It’s just this magical pane of glass.”
  25. “So if you can’t tell by now we absolutely love the new iPad and the software it runs. When we absolutely love a new product, we create a video for it.” Video time! And it sounds like it’s narrated by Tom Cruise.
  26. So that’s it, all of iLife is now on the iPad. iWork is of course all there as well.
  27. Priced $4.99, available today!
  28. Phil is back up. “Truly a breakthrough piece of photo software.”
  29. Thats iPhoto and the demo is over. Big applause
  30. There’s a map, even, that grabs geotags, and a weather icon that uses both to figure out what the weather was!
  31. You can add notes and text if you like, a calendar to show days, and it even grabs the date from the photo EXIF.
  32. Okay, we’re sharing now and creating a Journal, which is a page showing all the highlighted pictures. Photos with captions or favorites are slotted into larger spots while others are smaller. But you can quickly edit to drag them around or change their displayed size.
  33. Main issue here is that the photos are still relatively locked on the iPad. There’s another step to get them from iPad to Mac. Have to wonder how much space all of these revisions take up…
  34. There are more “artistic” effects too, like tilt-shift and watercolor.
  35. There’s also Sharpen, Soften, Darken and a general “Repair” that has some magical sparkles spinning around the brush.
  36. Now looking at brush palettes, lots of tools like Red Eye, Saturation. He’s using a Lighten brush and using that you can brighten up a specific area of an image.
  37. Very simple, easy gestures. To tweak white balance, you just tap on what is skin and the app automatically adjusts the balance.
  38. Tapping in a specific area lets you adjust specific areas of the image. Touch and drag to brighten up the dark areas in an underexposed image, then touch again in the sky to tweak the saturation.
  39. Cropping is quick and easy, and it’s a tap to go back to the untouched original. Very fluid and intuitive.
  40. He’s auto-enhancing the photo now. With one-tap he just straightened a horizon photo and, with another, it fixed the contrast.
  41. You can then flag the photos you like and view only those, then share easily through email, Flickr and Twitter, and others too.
  42. This is a 12 megapixel photo from a Nikon D300S, and the app supports up to 19 megapixel photos.
  43. As you remove them, the app scales to show the most photos in the screen.Just swipe down to remove them from the comparison, double-tap to go full-screen
  44. This guy tested the app in Antartica. Everyone in the audience just threw their hands up infrustration of not being able to be this guy.
  45. Wow, by double-tapping a single photo it compares all pics that look similar. The app finds them automatically.
  46. He’s going through a huge number of pics he captured in Antarctica. Penguins and seals, mostly, and lots of cold folks in red suits.
  47. Swipe in from the left to look at other photos in the album.
  48. Yes, a bezel gesture!
  49. Lots of shelves containing albums of photos. Just tap on one to bring the editing interface up. Swipe in from the side to bring in a thumbnail view.
  50. He’s talking about the “reinvention” of iPhoto, and now giving us a demo.
  51. Randy Ubillos, Chief Architect for Photo and Video apps is up on stage to give a demo.
  52. New gestures, new effects, multi-touch editing, and you can beam photos directly between devices
  53. “It gives you great new ways to browse through all those photos, and it has truly groundbreaking ways to edit those photos.”
  54. “If you’re someone, like many of us are, who truly love the photos they take with family and friends and want to do even more with their photos, that is what iPhoto is for.”
  55. Introducing iPhoto for iPad “and it is amazing.” Another iProduct
  56. So that’s Garage Band and iMovie.
  57. $4.99, free update again if you have it, also available today.
  58. It’s honestly quite cinematic. We can see people having a lot of fun with it, making their own home-trailers with cinematic music!
  59. Oh boy, someone’s getting a princess cap and a wand. Looks like a lovely birthday party with an honest to gosh princess.
  60. Does this mean I can no longer harsh on folks who shoot images / videos with a gigantic 9.7-inch tablet?
  61. Beautiful cuts between home movies… movies presumably recorded on an iPad.
  62. Major updates to iMovie — storyboards and new editing chops.
  63. Watching four dudes play some jams with iPads.
  64. Garage Band now has Smart Strings, a Note editor and you can push through iCloud too. There’s new sharing, too.
  65. Phil is back, showing that the productivity apps have been updated as well. iWork will let you create “stunning” creations. $9.99 each still, free update if you’ve already purchased.
  66. “This new device has more memory and higher screen resolution than an Xbox 360 or PS3.” Hmm, interesting way of looking at it.
  67. There’ll be a new crafting system, dungeon crafting. “It’s only going to look like this and play like this on the new iPad.”
  68. And we’re being attacked by a big, ugly fire-breathing spider… aww, end of demo. I hate cliffhangers!
  69. And, by the way, this is just “new iPad.” So much for the iPad HD talk…
  70. He’s saying this has more memory or screen resolution than either the Xbox 360 or the PS3.
  71. “The Unreal engine is unleashing the power of the new iPad.”
  72. Double-tap to freeze ’em then, after a little beating, they fell apart.
  73. We’ve grabbed some iron ore and are now being attacked by a couple of automatons.
  74. It’s definitely a step up from the current Infinity Blade. With it you can connect enemies for achain-attack.
  75. We have HDR graphics and tone-mapping. Looks of beautiful lighting and action.
  76. You’re on a quest to craft the “ultimate weapon” — the Infinity Blade.
  77. Infinity Blade: Dungeons.
  78. “Good morning everybody, it is great to be back.”
  79. Mike is on the stage to give us a demo
  80. Phil says they have an “amazing new project.”
  81. Next up is Mike Capps, president of Epic Games.
  82. Available in April, exclusive on iOS.
  83. Round of applause for the lovely flower drawing that’s been done for us live here. Very impressive indeed.
  84. “Retina display is luscious. It takes it to the next level and creates an immersive environment. Professionals and everyday artists are going to love this device.
  85. Can export images greater than 100 megapixels!
  86. It’s resolution independent, so zoom in as far as you like, the flower he’s drawing stays clean.
  87. You can create paintings in SketchBook Pro and import them here to draw upon. On the left menu there are drawing styles, on the right inks.
  88. We’re looking at SketchBook Ink from Autodesk. It’s “a new drawing app that focuses on line art.”
  89. 10 million customers for Autodesk on the desktop. “10s of millions” of new users on iOS for Autodesk products.
  90. Now it’s Chris Cheung from Autodesk. He’s the Product Line Manager of Sketchbook, which should give you an idea of what we’ll be seeing next…
  91. Phil’s back. “It’s absolutely incredible to see that level of gaming on a device you can carry around with you. Next up: Autodesk.”
  92. Exclusive to iOS, launches later this month.
  93. James is saying this is “console-quality.” “The only place to truly experience the intensity of action, the richness of detail is on the iPad.”
  94. There’s definitely a Home button on this new iPad. Definitely.
  95. Looking like an Ace Combat sort of title. “The extra graphics performance lets us increase the level of detail of everything in the game.” And, thanks to all the resolution, “none of the detail goes to waste.”
  96. “Today we’re thrilled to show you our new flight sim game, Sky Gamblers.”
  97. Looks like a few devs got early access, time for some demos. First up is James Shelton from Namco.
  98. Still no name on this thing, they keep calling it “the new iPad.”
  99. So, existing apps will be scaled up and text will automatically be rendered in higher-res.
  100. “Everything has been updated, but as you remember when the iPhone 4 went to the retina display, developers didn’t have to do anything and their apps looked better.”
  101. “The team has worked really hard to make all the software you use look gorgeous.”
  102. US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Japan..
  103. “If you want one as badly as I do you’ll be happy to know that the pre-orders start today.”
  104. Same prices as current iPad, available on March 16th.
  105. If you want 4G it’s $629, $729 and $829.
  106. 32GB is $599 and 64GB for $699. Sorry, no 128GB yet.
  107. Price: $499 for 16GB!
  108. “The new iPad comes in black and white. You’re probably thinking ‘what’s it going to cost’?”
  109. It’s 9.4mm thin, weighing 1.4lbs.
  110. 10 hours of battery life still! 9 hours on 4G!
  111. “You may recall, the iPad 2 we claimed 10 hours of battery life for most things you do.” 9 hours on 3G.
  112. Phil is running down the features again: the retina, the A5X, the new camera, the 1080p recording, the LTE…
  113. This device is said to have the “most bands ever” — but he’s not saying exactly which ones. “It’s no small feat. This new iPad has the most wireless bands that has ever shipped.”
  114. The iPad can now be a personal hotspot too — if the carrier supports it.
  115. “So for example in the US, we’ll have two versions of the iPad, one for Verizon and one for AT&T.”
  116. Verizon, Rogers, Bell, Telus and AT&T will be the LTE parnters.
  117. We’ve switched over to Verizon LTE! That confirms both carriers. Now, Vimeo on both players, looking at BIRD film.
  118. Photos are, predictably, loading a heck of a lot faster on LTE.
  119. This is AT&T LTE, by the way!
  120. New iPad now has 21Mbps HSPA+ and DC-HSDPA at 42Mbps, with LTE taking the cake at 73Mbps.
  121. iPad HD has 3.1Mbps on EV-DO, 7.2 on HSPA.
  122. Fifth feature: 4G LTE!
  123. Supports US English, British, Australian, French, German and Japanese.
  124. “The iPad like all great iOS devices has a great keyboard and now you’ll see there’s a new key on the bottom: a microphone.”
  125. Fourth feature: Voice Dictation.
  126. Third feature: 1080p video recording. No big shocker there. “Wherever you are, you want to grab a video for work or play or school you’ve got a great camera to grab that with.”
  127. Auto-exposure, auto-focus, we’re looking at pictures from the beach.
  128. iSight camera. 5-megapixel backside illuminated sensor on the back, 5-element lens, IR filter, and ISP built into the A5X chip.
  129. New cameras.
  130. Comparing to a Tegra 3, Apple says the A5 is “twice as fast” and the A5X offers “four times the performance.”
  131. A5X processor is confirmed, quad-core graphics!
  132. It’s 2048 x 1536, sure enough. That’s 3.1 million pixels. “The most ever in a mobile device.”
  133. “This presents a problem for us in presenting it to you. For the first time an iPad has a higher resolution than this entire display behind you… That’s a fun challenge.”
  134. “To this day no-one has yet matched that display technology,” so sez Phil.
  135. “Today we’re announcing the new iPad, and it is amazing.”

    The new iPad HD (Photo: GDGT)

  136. “The new iPad!”
  137. “Everybody’s been wondering, well stop wondering. We are.”
  138. Now he’s making fun of Twitter on a Samsung tablet.
  139. There are over 200,000 iPad apps
  140. Customers love iPad for emailing and reading books
  141. “This is a product that is less than 2 years old.”
  142. “We sold more iPads in the last quarter of last year, than any PC maker sold of their PCs.”
  143. “We sold 15.4m in the last quarter alone.”
  144. “That brings us to iPad. We think the iPad is the poster child of the post PC world.”
  145. “The new Apple TV retains the same low price of $99. You can get your orders in today, and I encourage you to do that.”
  146. Tim is back.
  147. Eddy: “Just like we’ve done for music and TV shows, you now have access to movies you’ve already purchased in iCloud.”
  148. Eddy Cue is out talking about the new Apple TV.
  149. New Apple TV announced. 1080p. New interface which looks more like iOS.
  150. iOS 5.1 announced
  151. Siri in Japanese is a part of iOS 5.1. It’s available today. And we’re rolling it out in Japan over the next few weeks.
  152. Tim says “One of our favorite new features of iOS is Siri”
  153. 315 Million iOS Devices
  154. Apple is up to 362 retail stores, 110 million visitors in Q4 2011
  155. Now a demo video about the Apple stores around the world is playing
  156. Apple sold 172 million post-PC devices last year.
  157. “I’m excited to be here. I’d like to get started by talking about the post PC revolution. And Apple is at the forefront. Leading this revolution.”
  158. “Morning. Thank you very much for joining us. We have a great morning planned.”
  159. “Thank you.”
  160. “Good morning.”
  161. And Tim Cook is out!
  162. Alright, they’re all in
  163. Lots to Tech Journalists waiting to get in


I would like to Thank some awesome people at awesome blogs.

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  • Ryan Block from GDGT
  • Folks at The Verge
  • People at Mashable

The Verge and Mashable were both using ScribbleLive for Live Blogging and it crashed several times during the event. ScribbleLive is in big big trouble.

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