3 year old Chicken McNugget sold for $8100 on eBay

A McDonald’s Chicken McNugget resembling George Washington has been sold on eBay for $8,100. Rebeka Speight a woman from Nebreska

3 year old McChicken Nugget sold for $8100 (Photo: GlobalPost/Ebay)

had the 3 year old McNugget with her and she auctioned it on eBay to raise money for Children at the Sioux City Family Worship Center. She actually needed $15,000 to send the kids to a summer camp.

Rebeka Speight visited McDonald’s with her kids, 3 years ago when she first saw the McNuggest looking just like George Washington. She took the piece out and kept it in her freezer for auctioning it and preserving it, however it cannot be consumed now. At first, Ebay took down the nugget saying it violated its rules regulating expired food but they mailed Rebeka that the company is willing to make exceptions to help her cause.

There were a total of 71 bids from 23 bidders. The auction had 44,800+ views.

Source: Global Post / Associated Press (Boston) / Fox News

Unable to figure out the similarity? Have a look at the image below from Fox News

If you need to understand it better, please have a look at this from Fox news


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