Pope is on Twitter, want to follow him?

Pope on Twitter (Photo: Flickr)

People have been waiting for a long time now to follow His Holiness Pope but they couldn’t because he wasn’t there. Now he is but he doesn’t manage the account himself, the Pontifical Council for Social Communications (PCSC) is and they are using the twitter handle in Pope’s name to spread themes from 2012 Lenten message, speeches and documents. Still, the Pope’s Twitter handle is garnering some attention from critics who’ve called the choice of name a bit strange. Now you may be wondering, what’s his twitter handle, right?

Its @Pope2YouVatican

However they really could have chose a better name as Gizmodo suggests, such as “ImThePope” or “PopeBendedict16”.But the name was not completely random, seeing as a website and Facebook application by the same name were launched by the Vatican in 2009.

Nevertheless, for 40 days, the “Pope” will be sharing messages in various languages, including English, Spanish and German, through the Twitter account. The Pope has been further experimenting with technology and social media since he sent his first tweet in June 2011.

Source: Huffington Post

If by any chance anyone finds any disrespecting words or sentences or meanings please note that it was not meant to be and i really apologize if you find any such words in this article.

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