Apple’s share is at $535, company valued at $500 billion because of iPad 3

Apple's iPad 3 event to be held on 7th March, Company's share hits $535 and valued at $500 billion

Apple’s share has surged to a new high of $535.41 after the company sent out an invitation for an event to be held on 7th March. The hopes are up and everybody is saying that its the iPad 3 and well everybody else who is not saying that are atleast believing the same. This gives the iconic technology group a market capitalisation of $499.2bn, according to data from Bloomberg. Apple is already the World’s Most Valuable company and there are speculations that the company will be valued at $3 Trillion in 2022 and it was also being said that the company’s share price will hit $1000 very soon. The Financial Times reported that Apple’s equity value – which includes options and other instruments likely to turned into stock in future as well as its market value based of the number of shares in issue – as $501bn. iPad 3 will put the company in a position where it will be way ahead of all competitors as the closest Tablet competitor Samsung’s rep said the other day at MWC that Samsung ain’t doing very well in the Tablet market. A value of $500bn puts the company in a rare club, which includes Microsoft, Intel and Cisco. Although these company entered the club during the dotcom boom and their market values have since fallen well below this. Did you know that Apple pays its CEO Tim Cook a salary of $468 Million? I also hope that people remember Steve Jobs at the event and so does Apple and Tim Cook.

Source: Telegraph


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