Facebook is reading your text messages, other apps are intercepting your calls & accessing your camera

Facebook Privacy (Photo: Mashable)

Shocked? Facebook is reading your Text Messages according to The London Sunday Times and Fox News. Facebook has admitted to reading text messages belonging to smartphone users who download the social networking app. The company agreed to this and added that it wants to launch its own messaging service which is why they did it. Well, i don’t think there is any explanation for exploring someone’s privacy. From web activities to emails and now texts? Not just facebook, there are many other internet giants invading user privacy such as text messages like Google, Flickr, Badoo and Yahoo Messenger. A shocking thing was also revealed that some apps allow companies to intercept phone calls and some are capable of accessing and operating user’s smartphone cameras to take photographs or videos anytime. My Remote Lock and Tennis Juggling Game are the examples of apps that intercept calls. Next time you call someone, will you be worried that someone might be intercepting your call or when you click pics of your friends and family, i doubt that only you will be viewing them. Think about it!

VIA: The London Sunday Times

Source: Fox News

2 Responses to “Facebook is reading your text messages, other apps are intercepting your calls & accessing your camera”
  1. Samsung is obviously the best, the Apple killer!

  2. john marshall says:

    So we are not a secret to anyone. An open book.

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