Pinball Designer, Pioneer Steve Kordek dies at 100

Steve Kordek (Photo: Pinball News)

We all have played Pinball games in our lives but we don’t really know who is Steve Kordek. He designed the two-flipper Pinball machines. Steve Kordek retired from William’s in 2000 after serving the industry for 63 years. Pinball machines have existed since 1930s. Steve Kordek revealed a Pinball game named ‘Triple Action‘ at a trade show in Chicago in 1948. “I just figured two flippers on a game was enough,” Kordek told the Chicago Tribune in a July 2009 interview. “I was taught to be very conservative to hold down costs. There was no way I would put six flippers on a game when I could get away with two.” Mr. Kordek designed over 100 different board layouts for Genco, Bally and Williams selling 200,000 games and he is well known for many other innovations. The Legendary Designer passed away this week. he was 100. 

Interesting story about how he got a job at Genco: While visiting Chicago in 1937, he was passing by Genco when a rainstorm forced him to seek shelter in the company’s lobby, where he was unexpectedly offered a job and he accepted it.

The time may have passed, we now have more people on Pinterest than on Pinball games but a legend must never be forgotten.

RIP Mr. Steve Kordek (December 26, 1911 – February 19, 2012) Age: 100


Source: Techland (Time)

Via: Engadget

Note: The Photo above was possibly taken in or before 2000

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