Saif Ali Khan arrested

A still from Agent Vinod. Saif Ali Khan arrested. (Photo: ImageShack)

Bollywood star and the upcoming Agent Vinod has been arrested for allegedly beating up an NRI Iqbal M Sharma (Trader in South Africa) and his father-in-law. Saif Ali Khan was having dinner with Kareena Kapoor, Amrita Arora and other friends when an NRI told him to ‘keep it down’ and Saif replied ‘If you want silence, go to a library’. This is what led to the fight but very soon, the NRI left the hotel and Saif with his friends went to the back door or the parking and abused him, beat them up. Saif Ali Khan has been arrested  on the charges of IPC 324 and 325 and is kept in the Colaba Police Station. Could be easily bailed though!


  • Saif Ali Khan out on bail
  • The old man is the father-in-law of the victim.
  • The victim Iqbal M Sharma is a temporary resident of Juhu.

Story Developing…

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