New Twitter for Everyone, all you need to know

I have multiple accounts on twitter and from a long time Twitter has a new design that it rolled out for some users but today when i logged in from another account i saw the new design that wasn’t there yesterday and there was a tweet from Twitter @Support and hence its public now. Below are a few things you should know about the new design.

The best part of the whole new design is at the end of this post. 

This is how it looks and there is the Help button for you. This is really good as compared to the one before where you had to scroll down to the bottom to get help and then the stream used to load more tweets and omg it was not good but this is.

This is your new homepage, explained in a video

This is how you can track your interaction

Your Connect tab’s Interactions timeline shows you how others have been interacting with you on Twitter. We’ll tell you when someone marks your Tweet as a favorite, mentions your username, follows you, or retweets your content.


Your Discover tab displays the top news stories and Trending Topics on Twitter. Stories are personalized for you based on recent popularity and your connections, location, and language. Click on any of them to read what people are saying.

This is how your new profile will look like

Access your Twitter profile page from the menu in your top navigation bar, or from your Home tab. Your profile displays your Tweets, stats, and information about who you are. Others see this when they look you up on Twitter. Edit any of this info by clicking on Edit your profile.

Finally, the keyboard shortcuts

and the best part is ‘You can now embed Tweets’

Now you can embed tweets on your site or blog and with buttons for Retweet, Reply and Favorite

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