Apple drops the word ‘Mac’, blesses Twitter again in Mountain Lion

Apple is all over the News. Almost everyday it is, either because of Patents or a product launch. In the recent news i read Apple sued Samsung, then Google-Motorola for Slide to Unlock patent and also bankrupted Kodak. Yesterday the company release the new MAC, ah! its not a MAC anymore, its  Mountain Lion. The word is different but they love animals i guess, but there are a very few that start with an ‘i’ so maybe we will see a product from Apple named ‘iGuana’. Mountain Lion looks really promising and its the New thing that we all have been waiting for. Now you can sync Macs, iPads and Apple TVs. Its open just for Developers and will be available to the masses this Summer. It is highly inspired by iOS, it has iMessage where you can send messages to any iOS device from your Mac, oops Mountain Lion.  You now have a Notification Centre built right into it. Reminders, notes and game centres are also here in the new update.

Feature List

Yes, Twitter is here to stay. When iOS5 came out with iCloud, there was one more thing, Twitter which was integreated with it and now we have Mountain Lion who wll continue this legacy. A share button is present in Apple’s Safari, Notes, Reminders, Photo Booth, and iPhone apps, and third-party apps that update to support the integration but one thing is missing from Share, its Facebook. The real question is ‘Why not Facebook’? Does Apple not want Facebook to grow because of iOS and Mountain Lion? Facebook should really update its Relationship Status with Apple to Complicated while Twitter is happily married to it but it can’t set a relationship status, sad! 


Source: Apple

Feature List from Wikipedia

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