Indian IT to create 2,30,000 jobs

Excerpt from Times of India, Read Full Story

The Indian software industry continues to add jobs at a fast clip despite the threat of a slowdown. The industry is estimated to close fiscal 2012 with an addition of around 2,30,000 jobs. For the coming fiscal, the industry has already made about 100,000 jobs offers on campus, Nasscom chairman Rajendra Pawar said. But revenues are growing faster than people added, indicating that the shift towards non-linearity in revenues is beginning to happen. For FY12, IT industry revenues are set to grow at 16% but the number of people added is likely to grow only by 10%, says the industry body. Over the last many years, the Indian software companies have also added over 25,000 jobs in the US for local citizens.

 Excerpt from Times of India, Read Full Story

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