Apple to quadruple its Investment in India

Apple is very near to announce the next iPad (maybe in 1st week of March). Apple is increasing investment in India with new outsourcing contracts. At the end of January, Apple’s CIO visited India and met people at Infosys and Wipro. Apple contributes millions of dollars to both the companies but is reportedly ready to quadruple its investment. Apple spends $100 million in India accounting for nearly a fifth of its global outsourcing spending. The company already shares about $50 million in annual business with Infosys. On the other hand Wipro has become Apple’s go-to source for application and software testing. Due to high level secrecy of Apple’s internal operations the details of its CIO visiting India are very few. Looks like Apple’s main aim is to expand its retail point-of-sale systems and stay on top of supply demands. For Infosys and Wipro, they are all to happy to conduct software audits and perform tests; Apple’s cash pile is huge and they will hope that its increase in spending will help propel their companies forward.

Source: The Next Web

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